Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Test Your Sixth Sense

This is an exercise I like to do, and I also like to ask my friends and followers to try it themselves. I call it "Ghostie Radar."

For me, when I come upon a haunted location, I get a certain feeling that let's me know it's haunted.  It's like the typical hairs on the back of your neck standing up - but for me it feels more like a microwave pulsing through my whole body. Once I get they "Hey, this place is haunted" vibe, I then reach my senses out further to try to disc
One of the locations on the ISPR test.
ern who it is haunted by, and any other information I can get about the haunting.

Not long after I figured out how to do this,  I found that I can pick up the same vibes from a video, or photograph of a haunted location.

The first time I really tested my abilities with a photograph was when I was thinking of joining the ISPR as one of their tour guides.  On their website, they have a PSI test.  Without looking at the text, I would expand the images, get my impressions of the haunting, then go back and check my impressions against the answers.  I surprised myself by getting every one of them right!

So, today, I tested myself again.  My aunt sent me a link of the "Top 10 Haunted Hotels" in the US.  Without reading any of the captions, I looked at the photos, got my impression of the haunts, and then went back to read the documentation.  Again, I got them all right.
Haunted or not? By whom? I figured it out, but can you?

For me, this exercise keeps me "in practice" for when I visit haunted locations, or when clients contacting me saying "my house is haunted!"  I will often ask them to email me pictures of their home or haunted space, as I can tell just by looking if they've got a big problem, a small problem, or no problem at all.

All this said, I want you all to know: I am not super human.  YOU have the ability to do this too.  After all, we've all experienced those "someone's here" chills at some point.  That's instinct.  And I believe that the ability to sense spirits is something we all have - we just need to train ourselves to recognize it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

When the Bad Guy Crosses Over

I will preface this post by stating that everything I'm about to relay to you was told (and in some cases, shown) to me by my Spirit Guide.  It may not correspond with your own beliefs. It may not match what you have been taught, or know, about the way people cross over.  You may disagree with it.  Or, you may think it's the most brilliant thing you've ever read. Any way you look at it, I leave it to you to decide...

Tuesday, 2/12/13.  It's 4:00pm, and I've just gotten out of an MRI, when I check Facebook and read "It's ON in Big Bear!!" Rumor had it that Chris Dorner, the ex-cop who went on a killing spree, was barricaded in a cabin and surrounded.  When I got back to the office, I logged into the local news station and saw live streaming footage of the cabin, on fire.  At this time, the media didn't know if anyone was in the cabin, if it was a diversion, what police had planned.  The only news they really had was that a single gunshot was heard, and then smoke was seen.

This may come as a shocker, but I'm kind of into death....and curiosity SURELY never killed the cat...

So I did what any medium would do....I asked my Spirit Guide if it was okay to inquire as to whether it WAS Dorner, and did he die?  And then as soon as I asked it, I took it back - because maybe I'm not supposed to know these things...or use my gifts to find such things out.  Course, I took it back too late, and my guide decided to take the opportunity to use this as a lesson for me.

 What Happens When You Die and Do Not Cross Through The Light

No....this is not about what happens when you decide not to cross over....this is about when you DO cross over...but you don't go through the light.  You take the "dark path."

Imagine, if you will, that you are standing at a juncture in a hallway. In front of you, the paths fork and you can take the path on the right - brightly lit and full or shiny, happy faces; or you can take the path on the left - pitch black, silent...fear.  Most people, if they've lived a decent life and they've done their best, will go down the path of light.  But every now and then, someone gets so far off their path; does something so horrendous, that they do not get the gift of the light - they are forced down the dark path.

So, what's the difference, and what does this have to do with Dorner?

Well, when you die, and you hear the stories of the "White Light," they are all true!  The white light is pure, healing energy - it is, in essence, love.  When you die, death in and of itself is traumatic and emotional and difficult.  The light helps you to heal from that trauma, to transition to your "new life" as a spirit in the afterlife.  From there, you go into the "healing rooms" - like a big movie theater - where you review your life and see all the good, and not-so-good, that you did and the effect you had on others.  All the while, you are surrounded by this white, loving, healing light - as well as those who have passed before you, who can act as your support as you transition to this new existence.  Ultimately, you complete the review of your life and the lessons you have learned, and you leave the healing rooms.  This may take a day, it may take a lifetime - it's up to you (and time really is relative).

This was what I already knew of the other side and our afterlife.

What I was about to learn was a bit surprising...

First of all, my question was "Did Dorner actually die?"  I was shown that yes, he did.  I saw him surrounded by smoke - not sure if he started a fire or if it was the tear gas.  In any case, he already knew his time was up, and he wasn't going to let anyone "get him."  So he planned to take himself out.  He shot himself.  But, what I saw was that the gunshot was not what killed him...not initially.  He was still alive as the fire took hold, and he actually died of a combination of smoke inhalation, and bleeding out.

Ok, so he died.  Then what?  Would he cross over, or would fear and guilt stop him from crossing - thereby making him a "ghost?"  I mean - he would have the choice.  That's where my first lesson came.  He didn't have a choice.  Now, I don't know who these spirits are (they looked like angels to me), but I will call them "The Muscle."  What I was shown was that immediately upon his passing, "The Muscle" came down and basically manhandled his spirit - FORCING him to cross over.  He may have wanted the easy way out - becoming a ghost and never having to pay for his crimes - but the heirarchy of the afterlife wouldn't allow it.  I mean literally, it looked like 4-5 big beefy cops attacking and subduing a criminal (ironic? hardly!) and literally dragging him kicking and screaming into the afterlife.

But they didn't draw him through the light.  They took him through the dark hallway.  At this point, I wondered why my spirit guide was showing me all this.  It was graphic, and it was a bit scary.  But he told me it was to teach me all the aspects of the other side.  Eventually, I'll have to read for someone who has entered the afterlife in this way so it's best I understand it fully.

At this point, he explained to me that this soul enters the healing rooms.  They're not exactly the same rooms as those who enter the light - but the purpose is the same.  They review their life - all the good; all the bad. The purpose?  To learn their rights and wrongs, to learn their lessons.  Because these souls are already troubled when they enter these rooms, it can and usually does take them longer to learn the lesson than those who pass through the light.  After all, they haven't been "cleansed" of the trauma of their death. They haven't been through the light.  They have to learn their lesson the hard way - the painful way.

Now, it's not all bad.  All of this comes from a place of love.  "The Muscle" and all the other spirits who are there to help and lead them through their afterlife learnings come from a place of love.  They are visited in teh healing rooms by spirits and angels they are familiar with.  And with these spirits who visit comes some of that pure white light healing love.  They DO get to experience the healing.  But they experience it smaller doses, which increase as they make progress in learning their lessons.

Eventually, the hope is that people who cross through the dark will see the light, heal themselves, and be released from the healing rooms, to take their place with the rest of the spirits of the afterlife.  Of course, it's all to do with how dedicated the spirit is to working on themselves.  So, as you can imagine - if the average spirit can take days/weeks/months/years in the healing rooms (remember...time is relative), then how much time would these troubles souls need?

So there you go.  I felt this lesson was just too important to keep to myself, and I hope those of you who read this appreciate it as well.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Suicides and Soulmates

What, what, WHAT can those two things have in common, you ask?  Put it this way: I gave a reading tonight where the spirit who came through had committed suicide.  He was also the client's soulmate.  I couldn't decide which of the two points was the more important to address in this post, and so, I'm writing about both, in this series of "How I see things, as a medium."

SUICIDES: It's taken me a long time to figure this out, but with two back-to-back readings involving suicides, I have finally worked out the signs.  Mediums and Psychics work with their "clairs:"  Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear sensing or feeling) being the three biggies.  In my case, I tend to use seeing and hearing in about a 40/40 split, with feeling being about 20%.  Usually in a reading, I'll ask a spirit to tell me or show me how they passed.  Often, I'll see images flashing of what happened, hear sounds of the environment, or hear the spirit tell me.  For these two readings, the first had the spirit telling me "it was such a little thing," and the second saying "it was tragic."  These words, you would think, tend to paint two very different pictures.

However, the pictures the spirits painted me were almost identical, and they looked something like this:

As you can see, if these pictures made up a deck of cards, you'd be shuffling through all the many ways to go.  In the first reading, I was convinced that I just didn't have a clue - the spirit was adamant they had an accident, followed by cancer, followed by a heart attack....you get the picture (punny!).  The client ended up telling me that the person was a suicide, and once they did that, their message ("it was such a little thing") made more sense - as I was then able to work with the spirit to communicate the whens and whys for their passing.

However, I am a quick learner.  So when I did the second reading, and I saw the same images flash as the day before, I immediately said to my client "did he take his own life?" and she confirmed it.  I then understood: not all suicide victims want you to know how they killed themselves.  There are any number of reasons for this - that I won't go into now - so they will show all the "typical" ways to go, hoping that you'll buy one of them (or rather, hoping I will).  But now I'm wiser - and now I know that when I see this sequence, suicide it is! (and chances are, the method of death was included in the shuffle....see the handgun above...)

SOULMATES: On to a lighter topic, right?  How do I "see" soulmates?  This is actually one of my favorite things to see.  And, this is something I can see outside of a reading - in just looking at couples in everyday settings.  What I see is something I call "The Spark."  When I see a connection between two people (or between two souls), I visualize a string - almost like electrical wires - attaching from one person's solar plexus to another's.  Imagine, if you will, that you've got these connections to each and every person in your life (that's a lot of lines!).  Some bonds are stronger, so the line will seem thicker.   Others may be weaker, or even fade to nothing over time.  For soulmates, the line is like a live wire - with sparks (like a sparkler on the 4th of july) traveling up and down the line.  The sparks make this connection permanent - the connection cannot be severed - not even by death.  In the second reading I did, the spirit on the other side was my client's soulmate.  While their life together wasn't perfect, it was undeniable that they were, are, and forever will be connected on a soul-level.  I could see The Spark flying between them as I delivered messages of love back and forth.  It was beautiful, and powerful, and something I absolutely love seeing!

P.S. Not all mediums receive the same signs for things.  What I experience as "suicide" or"soulmates" may be entirely different from another medium.  While the signs are never the same, the importance comes in our ability to interpret the signs accurately for our clients.  Not always an easy task, as you read above!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dream a Little Dream With Me

I've been keeping a dream journal since November of 2011.  I actually started keeping the journal so I could see if there was any sort of pattern to my dreaming, or recurring symbolism that I could eventually decipher.  On occasion, I go back and read through my old dreams to see if I can incite any clarity from them.

What have I found?  Besides having an overactive subconscious, I'm a precognitive dreamer.  Meaning, I dream things that inform me of future interactions or situations (via symbolism) OR I dream about exact events.  Below are a couple examples of dreams I've had as compared to the actual events:

DREAM: 12/30/11 - I dreamed I was at work, and Lisa Williams was my new boss.  She was waiting for her desk to be set up, so she was sharing my desk with me.  While we were sitting there together, she looked at me and told me that this would be a great opportunity, because now I would be able to focus better, and develop a new level of focus.  And that with this new skill, I would be able to achieve the recognition I deserved.

ACTUAL:  Late January 2012 (approximately 3 weeks from the date of the dream) - I was looking online at Lisa Williams' website and saw she was offering an advanced mediumship course.  I was intrigued, so I decided to sign up.  I had only ever talked to ghosts - not to spirits who had crossed over - so I figured the training could help.  2 weeks later, in early February, I had my "awakening" at the Conscious Life Expo - which is when my spirit guide introduced me to speaking to those who have crossed over.  I also met Lisa, who told me she would accept me into the class.  New level of focus? Uh...yeah...I'm doing work now that I never dreamed I would be able to do.  Recognition? Well, I don't know what I "deserve," but I am happy to now have my own website and an ever-growing list of clients. 
DREAM: Late June, 2012 - I dreamed I was rescuing two apes - one chimpanzee and one gorilla.  I was being tasked with moving them from a living situation that no longer worked, and taking them to a new reserve, where they would have more space and be better cared for.  I managed to find two cages that I could transport them in, and I had the cages delivered to the place where I was picking up the apes (which happened to be the building you see pictured to the right - the North Hollywood Masonic Lodge).  When I picked them up, the gorilla went straight into his cage and didn't want to leave it.  He felt safer in the cage than outside.  The chimp, on the other hand, didn't want to go in the cage.  He jumped into my arms and hugged me, not wanting to let me go.  I couldn't convince him to stay in the cage, so I decided to hold his hand and let him walk with me to the truck that would be moving them.  When we got to the truck, I hugged him again, told him everything would be okay, and then he got inside. That's when I woke up

ACTUAL: Mid-July 2012 (approximately 3 weeks from the date of the dream) - I found out that my ex, who lived just a half a block from me, was moving.  Where you ask?  Um...see that picture above?  Yeah - he was moving into the North Hollywood Lodge to become their caretaker.  He had two cats who were brothers - one was bigger than the other - and he told me that they couldn't move with him into the lodge, and did I know anyone who wanted two cats?  After a relatively easy search, my cousin informed me that he wanted the kitties.  So, I went to the store, purchased two kitty carriers, and started the process to move them.  You've probably guessed this already, but the bigger of the two cats was scared and only wanted to stay in his carrier.  The smaller one didn't want to be in the carrier at all and instead wanted to snuggle during the journey to their new home.
DREAM: July 30, 2012 - I dreamed I was participating in the Disneyland Canoe Races.  We were in the quarter finals and we had almost made it around the final bend when the canoe crashed into the island.  The crash disqualified us.

ACTUAL: August 1, 2012 (2 days later) - I was participating in the Disneyland Canoe Races.  We were in the quarter finals and we had just started the race.  We nearly crashed into the outer bank and lost an oar, then crashed into the outer wall around the first bend.  The crash disqualified us.
As you can see, while details and circumstances are not always exact - there most assuredly IS a connection between the dreams and actual events (the second set literally floored me when I saw the parallels!).

I'm hoping to get to the point where I can recognize a precognitive dream when I have it (not after looking back at the dream later).  But for now, I'm content to continue dreaming and capturing them for future analysis!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mixed Signals

In a reading I gave this past weekend, I was connecting my client to his mother.  She had just made her presence known and was giving me information about her passing, as a way to validate to him that it really was her.  In offering information on where she passed, she showed me the following:

To me, this means USC: University of Southern California, my alma mater.  So, I asked my client "Did your mother pass in Southern California?"  I made the assumption she didn't pass AT the school, but that maybe she showed me the letters to represent "southern california."

My client was quick to set me straight.  He asked me, "are you seeing the letters SC?"  I told him that yes, that is exactly what I was seeing. He said "Then it probably means South Carolina. She moved there not long before she died, and that is where she was when she died."  Well, glad we got that straightened out!

This proved to be a lesson for me in receiving and interpreting signs and symbols.  She showed me the logo above knowing that I could relate to it and recognize it. While her meaning wasn't literal, it was the best way that she could communicate "South Carolina."  I'm just pleased that between her son and I, we were able to work out the true meaning she was trying to convey!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TEAM SPIRIT! (and Happy Halloween!)

First of all, who doesn't love a monkey dressed as an elephant for Halloween?!!  Seriously...if you know anything about me it's that my most favorite animal EVER is a monkey (ok, a chimp, followed by an orangutan...). But then my second favorite is baby elephants.  So, you know...this picture pretty much broke me.

Anyway, this post has purpose!  At this time of year, every year, people ask me the same question.  And I figured it was about time I answered it:

Does the "veil" really "thin" at this time of year?

To answer this, we first need to understand where the idea comes from.  Well, actually....we don't.  But in case you're interested, here's an excellent link on Halloween History that gives a nice summary.  But suffice it to say that the idea IS based in history and has lasted through a ridiculous number of generations to the point where people still wonder today if it is, indeed true.

So here's the short answer: It's not true.

Now for the long answer: I've said it before and I'll say it again.  The realm of "spirit" is all around us. Think of it like radio waves.  If we operate on AM, spirit operates on FM.  The frequencies are always the same - and they're always around us.  Us = Team AM.  Spirit = Team FM.

Of course, with every game, you've got to have a referee.  Someone who can see the game from both sides.  That's where the psychics and mediums fit in.  As such, we are able to "adjust" our frequencies so that we can tune in to both the AM and FM stations, and communicate from one to the other.

But here's where the real magic comes in....we are ALL mediums.  Yep, you heard that right.  Every single one of us is able to raise our frequencies from AM to FM, and every single one of us is able to "tap in" to the realm of spirit.  The easiest way to check this is to think about any time where the hair on the back of your neck has stood up.  Consider that your antenna.  Our instincts make us naturally in tune with both our realm and the other side.  Everyday life tends to get in the way and all the stimulation we get our AM lives tends to jam up our frequencies, so we have to drop the FM tuning just so we have enough bandwidth to function.  Of course, meditation and practice can serve to help open you up to receiving the FM frequencies again, so if you're so inclined, give it a try!

But I digress....what does this have to do with Halloween?

Well, at Halloween, instead of just the psychics and mediums "tuning in" to the FM frequencies, you actually get a far greater percentage of the population adjusting their antennas - trying to get that FM station.  Why?  Well, because they were told way back when (did you click that link about halloween history?) that the veil thins.  And maybe, just maybe, they can see a ghost!

So no, the veil is not thinner.  It's just that more people than usual are aware of it at this time of year.  And therefore, the number of stories you will hear about this time of year increase.  Thus perpetuating the cycle that those crazy Celts started so many years ago.   So please, enjoy your Halloween, and "adjust your antennas" accordingly.  I hear there are some GREAT tunes on those FM stations nowadays!

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Lesson in Energy

Shadow figures. Oily floating masses. Black clouds.  When people fear they have a haunting, these are some of the common things they describe to me.  Yes, seeing these things can be very scary and often foreboding.  But understanding what they are, where they come from, and what to do about them, can make taking control of your home a very easy thing.

The ladies of Foursight Intuitive and I were hired to do an energy cleanse for a woman who was experiencing dark grey and black shadows, and oily figures in her home.  She had lived with it for some time, but about 6 months ago, the activity started to escalate and she started to worry.  She decided she wanted it gone, or else she would move out.

After reading her request for a cleansing, we decided we needed to do our client consultation (normally done when we arrive at the location) about a week prior to the house visit - and in a neutral location.  Sometimes you just "know" when things need a little extra attention  When we do a client consultation, we want to get to the root of the problem.  We ask what phenomena the client is experiencing, and whether there could be any circumstances in this person's life that could be contributing to the problem.

Without going into the details of this case, we determined that the location of her home lent itself to energy "pooling", but that the client also had some very negative influences in her life that were affecting her home. She didn't have a haunting in the "traditional" sense (ie spirits who have not crossed over), but she did have a problem.  She had what most people understand to be a "poltergeist". 

Now, I know I've mentioned this in previous posts, but it is highly relevant in understanding what was going on in this person's home:
The First Law of Thermodynamics says that energy under normal conditions cannot be created or destroyed, simply transformed from one type of energy to another.
Human beings exert energy in many ways: physically, through exercise; mentally, through thoughts; and emotionally, through laughter, tears, and thousands of other feelings.  Now, think about a time where you've had a huge emotional outburst, or someone near you has done so.  Chances are you could feel the energy in the ear.  There's a reason people say that can "feel the tension" in a room - - that energy is palpable.

So, this said, what this woman had in her home was an outpouring of negative energy coming off of those living in the home.  If you get enough negative energy into a confined space, it begins to pool.  It begins to change.  It begins to form into something.  A poltergeist.  Because this energy is emotional energy, it holds onto the emotion that created it.  If the emotion was sadness, the risidual energy will emote sadness.  Now, imagine a room where you mix sadness with anger with frustration with confusion.  Suddenly, all these energies begin to mix.  They begin to form into the clouds or the black masses as they develop a certain level of consciousness.  Now, they do not have consciousness like you or I, and they will never develop into a fully functioning spirit person.  But they do have consciousness built on what they are - sadness, anger, frustration, etc....

When enough of this energy gets together and begins to take a physical form, that's when we call it a poltergeist.  Yes, they can be very scary, and they can affect your surroundings.  What they do in your surroundings depends on the energy that created them.  If the energy is sadness, you may find water leaks, or lights bursting.  Anger often results in items flying across a room, or scratches on the skin.  It's a very serious problem, and it's not something we take lightly when we get called into a home that has a poltergeist.

So now that we've defined what it is, and how it's created, let's look at what you can do about it before the problem begins to overwhelm you.

Remembering that a poltergeist is energy, and that energy cannot be created or destroyed - only changed, the key to handling a poltergeist is changing it.

I'm sure you've all heard of the "white light" that people claim to see in near-death experiences.  As part of my work with spirit, I've become very familiar with this light.  Yes, it does exist, and more importantly - you don't have to be dead to access it.  But what is it?  Pure and simple, it's love.  It's pure, it's healing, it's 100% the greatest and strongest love possible.  And, it's this energy that you call upon to "neutralize" a poltergeist.  It's the classic good vs. evil, light vs. dark, love vs. hate.  And love wins every time.

Once you know this, neutralizing a poltergeist becomes fairly simple.  You call upon a higher power (God, Buddha, Mother Earth - - whomever or whatever you believe) and ask that this pure white light energy be allowed to flow through you and out your hands.  As soon as you can feel the energy flowing (and believe me, you will feel it), you hold your hands out and you direct the energy toward the mass.  Yes, it will want to run. Yes, it will want to hide.  It will try to seek out a dark, inaccessible space, such as a closet or an attic.  Make sure you seal these areas off before beginning work with the light.  Continue to direct the light at the poltergeist while saying (either in your head our outloud) "This is my home. This is not your home. You are not welcome here. You cannot stay. Please leave!" (or a similar variation to this).

What you're doing is twofold - - you are neutralizing the negative energy, so it will either dissipate, or it will choose to leave on its own.  And you are also using the white light to put up a protection in your home, so as to avoid having this energy build again.

Now, there are further steps that can and should be taken (not least of which is saging the space), but this work with the white light will be a good start, and may be enough to have you feeling like the space is yours again.

Of course, if you try this and you still have a problem, well that's when it's a good idea to call in some professionals, like myself and Foursight Intuitive, who have lots of experience with these things.